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VPN Service
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  •   100% anonymous Internet access
  •   100 MB Homefolder Disk Storage Space
  •   SSL secured logged in webpages
  •   SSL secured file transfer to your PC
  •   Secure payment through PayPal
  •   Sign Up Bonus - trial use

Virtual Internet Cafe provides a service where we let you remote control our designated PC's completely at your discretion. No data is ever transferred to your pc from the Internet except for the remote control screen which is never saved locally on you PC. When you log out from the Virtual Internet Cafe PC everything that is stored locally on the Virtual Internet Cafe PC is deleted, including Temporary Internet Files and Internet History. The Virtual Internet Cafe PC is completely cleaned up before it is available for the next user.

If you want to save and store files for later use on Virtual Internet Cafe PC’s, we provide you with an own private home folder accessible from the Virtual Internet Cafe PC’s. Also, if you have more than thirty (30) minutes available on your account, your saved files will be available for SSL secured downloading from the Virtual Internet Cafe web site.

NEW! VPN Service
Virtual Internet Cafe are proud to announce that we now provide a high quality VPN service. more

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